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Viseo Grenoble

VISEO is a fast-growing international consulting and digital services company. It won the Grand Prix des entreprises de croissance in 2017 (best company “Internet & software B2B and B2C”) and in 2019 (best company “ESN & IT Services CA 100M – 1MD€”).

Arch.Design has already successfully refurbished VISEO’s headquarters in Boulogne. Their Grenoble branch has renewed this trust by entrusting us with the design and layout of their new premises.


“We are delighted with our new premises. They are both spacious and very functional. They allow us to work in very good conditions.
Our customers envy us!”


A clever mix of Scandinavian and industrial style. The premises are enhanced by the warmth of the wood colors used, the wallpapers and the transparency of the glass partitions. Our pride : the outside terrace, with a view on Grenoble and the Alps !

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