Supporting you to better anchor change in your company’s DNA and culture, in the working methods and behaviors of your employees, guarantees the success of your transformation project.

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An iterative process

Change management support takes place throughout the project life cycle, and even well after its completion. From the strategic framing to the deployment of your new work environment, through a detailed analysis of the data collected, the objective is to guide your teams in their rational understanding of the issues and their positive emotional commitment.

A transition that is both rational and emotional

Give meaning to the project, engage all stakeholders and establish a dialogue.

Co-construct the change in a more collective and bottom-up manner by inviting managers and employees to project themselves into their future workspaces, anticipate potential problems and appreciate the necessary resources.

Rely on ambassadors to help everyone explore the equation between benefits and risks and remove the last remaining obstacles.

All actors of change

Create a context that favors cross learning and adherence to change through a narrative, immersive and interactive approach throughout the project by relying on a diversity of formats and a common lexical field to optimize the impact of your communication.

Specify the protocols, the rules of good manners and behaviour associated with the new hybrid work modes and the resulting behaviours to avoid disappointments that could affect the meaning, the conditions and the quality of work as well as the performance of the teams.

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