Why choose a project manager for your office fit out in Paris or France ?

As an international corporation based abroad, you might wish to keep control of the fit out of your new offices, or the refurbishment of the current ones you are occupying in France, but you might not have much of an idea how to proceed with the project, language barrier, technical or design aspects, etc.

Real estate choices, design aspects, rules and regulations to respect, construction and furniture costs, then delivery management ; there are many points to go over and check in view of having an office environment that will answer your needs, the local regulations, but especially that will keep within your budget and your timeframe.

At ARCH.DESIGN, we Design & Build office fit outs in the whole of France, and especially in Paris. This means we have all the specialists in house to ensure a smooth carying out of the project at every stage : workplace strategists, interior architects and designers, project managers, construction specialists for quoting and managing the fit out works, furniture specialists, etc. The real advantage for your with ARCH.DESIGN is to have one point of contact in our company that is responsible for every part of the project, right until completion and reception.

Also, as a Design & Build specialist, we contract with you on 3 aspects : 1/ an agreed design, 2/ a timeframe, and 3/ a budget. We do not charge any extra works during the carying out of the project, except for those you might ask us to do. This commitment on our behalf is very strong and the very reason why many clients will contract with us. They can then keep clarity at every stage, and concentrate on other key tasks, whilst we regularly report on the progress of the project.

We have reached such deep trust with many clients, that they will come at the kick off of the project, then at the reception when works are completed. Between both meetings we work very hard to make it all happen as per the contract signed.
Next poing is the language … Yes France isn’t great at English, we must admit! But you’ll be glad to know that over 80% of our team is bilingual, and many of our staff have worked abroad. So as well as being able to communicate clearly and work on a trust basis, we truly love working with international companies. It inspires us.



Now it’s your turn : do you have any specific questions, a project, or any other point we can help you with?

If you do have a fit out project in France or Paris and are looking for a local project manager, we will be glad to help you along this journey and smooth out the way to your new office workplace. 

Our teams are available on +33 174 922 600 or france@arch.design


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