The Paris Saint-Germain club was created in 1970, and since 2011, it has become one of the best football clubs and one of the world’s leading sports brands.

In their administrative offices in Boulogne-Billancourt, PSG management wanted to refurbish a floor of 60 employees, to make it a space of well-being at work, while taking into account the codes of the club. Our interior designers designed spaces based on the harmony of shapes and materials with an organic dominant. This concept expresses a continual movement, enhanced by the numerous effects of partitions, ceilings, floors and furniture, and is illustrated at the heart of the workplace in the breakout space that radiates on all the office space. Communication, sharing and collaboration are favoured in a warm, relaxed and elegant atmosphere.

ARCH.DESIGN is honored to have become a trusted partner of the Paris Saint Germain club, receiving regular commitments from their directors.


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