Design 360

A complete solution in 4 phases


Our DESIGN360 methodology is a global solution for office fit-outs.   Its goal is to seamleassly and rapidly Design then Build a new working environment, that is conducive to well-being, bringing a fresh energy vector for your workforce.

It simultaneously boosts all the factors that strengthen creativity and productivity in a company:

  • Improving employee well-being
  • Reducing real estate costs
  • Boosting collaborative culture
  • Building a better company public image

Strategy / Design / Build : DESIGN360 is a turnkey Design & Build solution  that guarantees fast delivery of the design of your project, the execution of works, the installation of furniture and decoration, and maintenance after completion. It will provide a strategic office refurbishment that will be a real tool for your management strategies, conducive to well-being and vector of new energy in the workplace.

Our diverse cross-cultural team makes sure that the communication is clear with you at every step of the project, whether it be in Paris or anywhere over France.

Focused on the end user, his well-being and a turn-key management of your office project, DESIGN 360 makes the progress more fluid and rapid :



workplace strategy


architecture & design


construction & furniture


maintenance & optimization


We have all the professional expertise in the same team, to create and deliver workplaces that make life at work always more rewarding!

Our methodology seamlessly integrates strategy, design and construction to deliver a perfect and cutom built office fit out.

Our integrated teams use Phased Budgeting to evaluate each day and week the costs, line by line, as the project design progresses.

Together, they explore project requirements and issues, materials, construction methods and building boundaries in real time with current prices.

This results in a more complete and technically mature project, decreases the need for time-consuming steps and therefore increases the speed at which the project can progress to reception.

Our methodology is flexible and fully scalable. From the beginning we anticipate each aspect of the implementation challenges in order to increase the speed and the quality of realization of the projects.


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