We are proud to be certified 4th for the Great Place to Work trophee!

17 octobre 2017 1 minute pour le lire

Thanks to all the  @ARCH.DESIGN team that has helped us to build a company where it is great to work!

Recognized « Best Workplace 2017 » and honored to be 4th at the Great Place to Work Awards, ARCH-DESIGN is committed to advancing the world to more well-being at work.



ARCH.DESIGN joins the community of Great Place to Work® certified companies. The certification will be effective on 31 August 2017 for a period of one year.

« Congratulations to Arch.Design who is now a Great Place to Work® certified company. This dynamic company is distinguished notably by the setting up of a global vision 360 °. This good practice helps to make it a company where it is good to work! « .
Patrick Dumoulin, CEO of Great Place to Work® France


The Great Place to Work® Recognition Program is the highest level of certification of the quality of a company’s work environment.
In France, 2 labels are awarded under the program:

â–º The « Great Place to Work® » Certification, which distinguishes every month every company where it is great to work
â–º The Best Workplaces Label in the publication of the Best Business Award, which recognizes the best companies certified each year in October.



A professional office Design & Build company, ARCH.DESIGN is packed with talents combined into a cohesive team that makes innovative turn-key fit out and refurbishment projects for our clients, having as a vision workspaces promoting the well being of employees.

Founded in the United States in 1992, the Great Place to Work® Institute moved to France in 2002 thanks to an invitation to tender from the European Commission, which it won. For 15 years, Great Place to Work® France has been supporting companies and institutions on the path to successful organizations. Through its three professions (diagnosis, consulting, training) and its unique methodology, the Institute is a recognized expert on well-being at work and a privileged observer of good managerial practices. Every year, it certifies companies where it is good to work and valorises the best of them to the « Best Workplaces ».
How are companies valued?
Our methodology makes us unique and different. We evaluate companies using two tools:
• The Trust Index © is a survey of employees that accounts for 2/3 of the company’s final score.
• Culture Audit © evaluates the quality and diversity of managerial practices implemented within the company. It accounts for 1/3 of the final mark.


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