Deloitte settles into its new offices in the Majunga Tower

28 juin 2017 1 minute pour le lire

In collaboration with ARCH.DESIGN, Deloitte has just settled part of its headquarter teams on 5 test-floors of the Majunga Tower, in Paris La Défense. This test is based upon a unique concept “100% agile, 100% mobile”.

No workstation is assigned and therefore, every morning, employees can choose their workstation according to the tasks they have to work on during the day, the colleagues they have to exchange with or the view they would like to have: Paris or La Défense? Make your choice.


vue sur paris et la defense chez deloitte, amenagement ARCH


Workstation ergonomics

In these new and innovative working areas, the ARCH.DESIGN desks are all adjustable in height thanks to a pneumatic mechanism. Employees can now choose to work sitting or standing, it improves their comfort and their health at work. They can also reserve the desk they want to work from before getting to work via a dedicated app.


bureau reglable en hauteur par verin pneumatique ARCH


Plenty of isolation and socialization areas

To cope with this total absence of partitions and the opening of working spaces, Deloitte has provided plenty of « bubble » spaces for meetings, isolation, brainstorming, phone calls:  furniture looking just like phone booths, mini-compartment similar to those you can get in a train, glass cubes, an herbal tea room and even office furniture on the many terraces for an refreshing outside work !


cafeteria interieures et exterieurs sur patio Deloitte


An avant-garde concept

This « 100% agile, 100% mobile » concept is in tune with  in all major companies office reorganizations. Employees particularly appreciate these new spaces where they can choose the way they want to work and be freer in their tasks.

Le Parisien interviewed them to get their opinion and feeling : Article LeParisien

France 2 and M6, 2 French TV channels have also been really interested in the concept. Watch the reports: Vidéo France 2  &  Vidéo M6.


entree et accueil Deloitte a Majunga


After this real-life test, it will be really interesting to follow the future decisions of the Deloitte executives. Deloitte is an audit, consulting and expert company, traditionally attached to their personal spaces. If they decide to continue the experience, it would confirm this new trend: to choose a workstation according to the activity of the day or of the moment (ABW : activity-based working).

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