An harmonized interior design

From dream to reality !

Maximum mobilization of all our know-think and know-how with the Process DESIGN 360: 4 expert steps to go from potentials to tailormade and operational recommendation of your workspaces via an intelligent office design.

The masterplan for your project goes from macro-zoning to micro-zoning : associated technical plans enable to evaluate the cost of the fit-out project.

Macro-zoning: distribution of collective services and spaces

Micro-zoning: distribution of workstations and office partitioning

Space-Planning : the art of balance

A space dedicated to concentration

The ergonomics of open space and individual workstation help improve the comfort necessary for some kind of activities: the study of a file, the strategic design and writing, the development of an execution … Well-being is a factor of energy and productivity at work.

> boosts lasting concentration

A space dedicated to collaboration and management

In management, the key is to support the involvement of each individual. A dedicated space contributes to boost everyone’s creativity : each individual has his own place in order to take part in the dynamics of the company.

> helps develop the collaborative spirit inside the company

A space dedicated to information and communication

To make an announcement, to cross the data, to transmit, to learn, to study … the working environment participates in the corporate communication towards all the employees:

> ensures the smooth flow of information

> also contributes to welcome nicely office visitors

A space dedicated to relaxation and socialization

> supports interaction between employees

strengthens commitment and trust in the company





Thus, our multi-talented team, composed of specialists for each part of the office fit out project, ensures the success of your space planning projects: strategy, consulting, advice, interior design, architecture, project management and key execution- as well as works of  maintenance, networks and telecoms.

Successful space planning = quality of life at work & optimized surfaces!

Thanks to virtual images and hand made sketches, you can visualize the final render of all the fit-out possibilities for your new space !

With sketches, 3D synthesis images, material boards, colorimetry and samples, you can discover as closely as possible the promised reality.

Each scenario is designed to itemize architectural performances: carpentry, painting, floors, ceilings, partitioning, acoustic comfort, lighting quality (variation in the types of electric currents), security (especially access controls), plumbing, air conditioning, layout…



Thanks to scientific and technological innovation, it has been possible to create new materials, new intelligent kinds of accoustic solutions which are efficient at last ! Let’s discover all the well-being solutions which will meet your comfort requirement. They can boost your employees’ concentration in their working environment.



Like partitions, light is structuring spaces.

It must be as direct and natural as possible; it is a source of personal vitality and brightens up a place.

Dark and badly lit offices have a direct impact on the staff morale.

A good lighting and specifically natural light improve well-being and productivity.


New working processes make the integration of inter-connectivity and several technological innovations essentials in office furniture and informal spaces such as hubs.

Is your workstation structured to help you become an innovation driver ?

Are your informal spaces (brainstorming, meeting with 3 or 4 people, coworking, private space for phone calls, etc…) well equipped to meet the needs of new technologies and cultures at work?

Is your workstation equipped to anticipate changes to come?

With our 20 years experience, this step enables us to present the conception of a usual workstation and the tailormade adaptation of the standard furniture lines.


After validation of the final recommendation, the practical implementation conditions of the chosen solution will be presented :

• scheduling

• supply needs

• timetable approval

• implementation schedule

The dedicated project manager coordinates ARCH.DESIGN internal team and its subcontractors : engineers, technicians, site supervisors, artisans mobilized according to the needs of your office fit-out project.