Workplace strategy. Understanding and accompanying the issues of the fit out project

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To better meet the needs of our customers, ARCH.DESIGN offers a first phase of diagnosis and support, aiming to enscribe the project in the strategy of the company and encourage adhesion. This first phase makes it possible to identify the culture and image of the company, the stakes, the needs, the managerial practices, etc. to design a workplace fit out project that is consistent with the DNA of your company and accompanies its transformations, evolutions, and ambitions. penser

The audit helps us identify the needs and expectations of the users. It takes place as a workshop.

To identify and sometimes enrich the first intention of your project : Commitment of the entire staff or the project team.

This audit phase consists in creative workshops which enable :

• to design the different existing or planned work prototypes in your company.

• to identify the importance of a parameter, the emergence of a particular expectation, the taking into account of a detail that might seem trivial but whose impact may become crucial.

• to make a diagnosis, without any risk of off-topic. An in-depth diagnosis which presents the technical, architectural and capability analysis of your premises and office floors.

The management can accept or reject the enrichment that will have been brought to the first project, in full knowledge of all the elements.

The other advantage of this phase concerns internal communication.

The project team organizes and prepares the communication supports for all the staff. To help them, ARCH.DESIGN takes part in the presentation meetings and provides all the necessary materials to help the visibility of the turnkey fit-out project.

Solicitating final users as soon as the process is launched is the best way of ensuring the collective adoption at the time of the workspaces project delivery and a success in the long term.


When identifying the various work prototypes, there is a new strong tendency in the organizational and personal ergonomics in today’s companies: the standing position. Why ?

These flexible desks or workstations enable to avoid the physical and intellectual numbness when you stay seated for too long.

A sitting/standing desk brings energy and comfort right away. A double advantage for your workforce’s health, also granted by the medical community.

These sitting/standing desks have first appeared in Scandinavia 30 years ago. ARCH.DESIGN is one of the very first companies to promote this operational solution.

The principle is as follows : an electric or pneumatic mechanism, fixed inside the base of the seat, enables the employee to modify, whenever he wants and without any effort, his work surface height.

It is up to him : according to his activity or state of mind, he can choose the position of the moment.

The advantages :

• No more back pain ! • Activation of the blood circulation • Concentration and productivity are improved…

If the body feels better, so will the mind !

enjeux et objectifs

ARCH.DESIGN is here to listen and identify your needs and expectations for your office spaces, its team integrates in her diagnostic all the necessary criteria  before establishing the strategic recommendation :

• Benchmark trends • Furniture inventory • Draft budget • Potentials and constraints of the new premises or of the existing ones with regard to renovation or extension • Legal and technical obligations


During this stage which precedes the final recommendation, ARCH.DESIGN comes with its highest added-value : the integration of « well-being » solutions into the final office fit-out project.

> Maximize the amount of natural light to support comfort and well-being.

> Position one or more spaces dedicated to relaxation which is necessary to pace a day of work

> Arrange sociability, creativity and wellness spaces

When the fit-out project is accompanied and if a new site is necessary for the company, ARCH.DESIGN will help this search by indicating the typology of site requested.

> By going straight to the point, you optimize your real estate costs.

Still during this stage, ARCH.DESIGN takes care of integrating YOUR corporate culture inside the personalized recommendation.

> The office fit-out project contributes to improve the company brand image both with its external partners and its workforce.


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