Le Village



ARCH.DESIGN is a specialist in office design and fit out, offering a Design & Build service to its international clients in Paris and throughout France. Its turnover being in strong growth for many years, their teams needed a bigger space, reflecting the quality of their work, equipped with advanced technology, and encouraging the new ways of working.

Le Village is a 1000m² live showroom, thematized by the concept of a village, traditionally conducive to exchange. Here employees can exchange, (net)work, focus or socialize in the many third spaces available to them (workcafe, atrium, swimming pool, forum, acoustic booths, box, library, alcove, outdoor terraces, gym room, …). In the center of the workspace, the hive, a large solid oak table is the favorite gathering place for team meetings. Each employee is equipped with a height adjustable desk, and the acoustics are perfectly mastered to create a serene atmosphere accross the whole workplace.

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