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EFR Group (European Forecourt Retail Group) is based in the Netherlands and refuels almost 1100 gas stations and shops in France and the Benelux countries.

EFR management board contacted ARCH.DESIGN in order to design and renovate their workspaces situated in Le Cervier building. Their aim was to connect with their image, new working cultures and specifically improve the well-being of their 97 employees.

Our designers and architects where inspired by EFR’s customer quality service in its gas stations and shops network. For them, it was important to reflect this experience inside the French headquarters. In order to unleash the creativity and enthusiasm of each employee, we designed a luminous and engaging space with a strong corporate identity.

Surface area: 1076 m²

Testimonial:  « I just finished my first 3-day workshop in the new meeting rooms, many coffees in the cafeteria and face-to-face reunions in comfortable chairs…I really appreciated the new atmosphere and the quality of the material. From what I have heard, it seems that the great majority of EFR staff is very happy with their new workspace. The whole ARCH.DESIGN team did a good job ! I really appreciated the short but productive collaboration with all the ARCH.DESIGN staff.


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