ARCH.DESIGN is a team of young and ambitious designers and on-site construction managers, who love to review the traditional codes of the professional office fit out and rethink them in depth. These new architectural concepts transform the traditional management methods to support companies in workplace transformation and managing new working cultures, imposed by technologies, new generations, challenges of their customers…

Anchored in the family business culture and respect for the human values ​​that have been dear to us for the last 4 decades, ARCH.DESIGN designs and delivers a turnkey global office fit out and refurbishment for each project  (strategy, design, works, furniture). ARCH.DESIGN integrates well-being as a key to motivation and effectiveness of employees at work.

Our brand reflects our personality and our professionalism. It expresses our way of doing things. It is our promise to our customers and our stakeholders. It is structured every day by all our employees who make it live and evolve.

Our Mission

Our vocation is to create environments where people feel happy and prosper at work.

The strategy of ARCH.DESIGN revolves around the DESIGN360 concept, that streamlines office Design & Build projects.

Our  DESIGN360 approach places the well-being of users as the main criterion to measure the success of our office refurbishment.

To reach our goal, we are totally aware that we have to ensure the best conditions for a serene and careful relationship with our customers all along the fit out project and after its achievement.

bien etre et confort au bureau
We fit out and refurbish office workplace with our architects, construction specialists

Our Vision

A high quality fit-out contributes to create a good working environment but not only…

At ARCH.DESIGN, we are animated by a very simple conviction: when you pay attention to people, you get the best of them. This conviction has been our guideline in our existence but also the basis of the family corporate culture we are coming from. It has become a strength which animates each fit-out project we follow up.

For all the office environments we work on, we wish not only to bring our expertise; we also expect to create a human environment where happiness can prevail.

Even if this working environment does not alone produce business growth, it is worth working in it!

Happier employees will get involved in their work with more energy and enthusiasm and will contribute to a good atmosphere.

At ARCH.DESIGN, we never forget that a work done with pleasure will reinforce joy in our lives.

With you and for you, let’s bring more well-being to work through healthy design!

space planning and design, Our expert team of workplace design & fit out reburbishment specialists in Paris & France

Our Values


All our customers, our partners and collaborators trust us. We must be worthy of this trust and meet our commitments.

Will to surpass ourselves

We encourage our staff to go far beyond what they think they are able to carry out. We set an example.

Desire to win !

When we accept a challenge, we are here to win.


Passion animates the way we work. We are looking for our customers’ full satisfaction.


Our methods and the services and products we recommend are not sit in stone : we are always ready to modify things in order to adapt in a world that is constantly changing. We encourage initiatives and creativity.


We treat people with respect and solidarity and adopt a responsible behaviour to preserve the environment.

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