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During the 10th edition of the « Challenge Against Hunger », organized by the humanitarian association Action Contre la Faim on the forecourt of La Defense in Paris, more than 4000 people participated in the races, marches, dances and boxing events.

Sponsored by their companies, these employees proudly defended the cause of hunger in the world, and helped raise more than € 600,000. This fine sum, to be added to the other Challenges in France, will participate in the containment of famine, especially in Africa.



Recognized for its professionalism and the effectiveness of its field missions, Action Contre la Faim has been fighting hunger in the world since 1979. It has come in aid of 14.9 million people in 47 countries in 2015. Its mission is to save lives by eradicating hunger through the prevention, detection and treatment of under-nutrition. Action Contre la Faim intervenes in particular during and after emergencies related to conflicts and natural disasters.


ARCH.DESIGN is pleased to have supported the RRT organization during the Challenge on Friday, June 16th, in order to improve the living conditions of thousands of people and to be a durable member of major humanitarian causes.

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